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Presidential Undergraduate Prize Citation 2012

2012 Prize Winner:

This year's Presidential Undergraduate Prize for Best Undergraduate Essay on a Comparative Topic goes to Marissa Rivera of Colorado College, for her paper, “Reflexive Revisionism: Latin American Magical Realism and Australian Postcoloniality in Gould's Book of Fish.”

The committee was unanimous in its praise for Marissa's creativity and care in examining the intertextual references in Book of Fish and its convergences with/divergences from Latin American magical realism. We were also impressed by Marissa's persuasive use of psychoanalytic categories and her thorough contextualizations of various intertextual dialogues and textual layering within the conditions of postcolonial Tasmania.

2012 Presidential Undergraduate Prize Committee:
Debarati Sanyal, Berkeley University (Chair)
Nergis Erturk, Penn State University
Leerom Medovoi, Portland State University