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Helen Tartar First Book Subvention Award

For additional details on the Helen Tartar Book Subvention award and the applications process, click here.

Congratulations to the winners of the 2022-2023 Helen Tartar Book Subvention award:

Satoru Hashimoto, Columbia University Press, Afterlives of Letters: The Transnational Origins of Modern Literature in China, Japan, and Korea.

Rosario Hubert, Northwestern University Press, Disoriented Disciplines: China, World Literature, and Latin America.

Liesl Yamaguchi, Fordham University Press, The Proper Tone: On the Colors of Vowels.

Past winners of the Helen Tartar Book Subvention award


Kedar Kulkarni, Flame University, India, Literature in the Making: Authority, Genres, and Performance in Western India
Julie-Françoise Tolliver, University of Houston, Tongue Ties: A Poetic of Solidarity in Francophone Independence Literature
Duncan Yoon, New York University, Alluvial Dreams: Africa, China and the Aesthetics of Speculation


Rossen Djaglov, New York University, From internationalism to Postcolonialism:  Literature and Cinema between the Second and Third World
Aliyah R. Khan, University of Michigan, Far from Mecca:  Globalizing the Muslim Caribbean
Jonathon Repinecz, George Mason University, Subversive Traditions:  Reinventing the West African Epic


Lucy Alford, Collegiate Assistant Professor at the University of Chicago, Forms of Poetics
Magalí Armillas-Tiseyra, Assistant Professor, Penn State, The Dictator Novel: Writers and Politics in the Global South
Hoda El-Shakry, Assistant Professor, Penn State, The Literary Qur'an:  Narrative Ethics inthe Maghreb


Lindsey Green-Simms, Assistant Professor, English Department, American University, Postcolonial Automobility: Car Culture in West Africa (University of Minnesota Press, 2017)
Poulomi Saha, Assistant Professor, English Department, UC Berkeley, Empire of Touch: Feminine Political Labor and the Fabrication of East Bengal, 1905-2015
Tobias Warner, Assistant Professor of French and Italian, UC Davis, Unwinding Translation: Decolonization, World Literature and the Politics of Language in Senegal


Sarah Dowling, Assistant Professor, English Department, University of Washington Bothell, Remote Intimacies: Multilingualism and the Poetics of Personhood
Cedric Tolliver, Assistant Professor, English Department, University of Houston, Of Vagabonds and Fellow Travelers: African Diaspora Literary Culture and the Cultural Cold War
Damon Young, Dept. of French and Film/Media, University of California, Berkeley, Making Sex Public: Cinema, Sex, and the Social (University of California, Berkeley, 2013)


Jessie Labov, Associate Professor, Ohio State University, Transatlantic Central EuropeContesting Geography and Redefining Culture Beyond the Nation (CEU Press, 2016).


Erika Boekeler, Assistant Professor, Northeastern University, Playful Letters: The Dramatization of the Alphabet in the Renaissance (University of Iowa Press, 2017)
Nathaniel Greenberg, Assistant Professor, Northern Michigan University, The Aesthetic of Revolution in the Film and Literature of Naguib Mahfouz (1952-1967), (Lexington Books, 2014)