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Welcome to the ACLA journals listing page! The following list of links is not meant to be comprehensive, but to represent a broad selection of literary journals online. The list will be updated fairly regularly. If you would like to list a journal on this page, please email the ACLA with the relevant information.

The ACLA sponsors two scholarly journals:

  • Comparative Literature
  • Comparative Literature Studies

Links to listings of journals and electronic journals:

  • CLCWeb library listing of electronic journals

Links to individual journals online

  • A Contracorriente: A Journal of Social History and Literature in Latin America
  • Aesthetics Online
  • Angles: French Perspectives on the Anglophone World
  • Asymptote
  • Canadian Review of Comparative Literature
  • Chiasma: A Site for Thought
  • CLCWeb : Comparative Literature and Culture
  • The Comparatist
  • Comparative Critical Studies
  • Comparative Literature
  • Comparative Literature Studies
  • Culture, Theory and Critique
  • Diacritics
  • Egotistics
  • Electronic Book Review
  • Evental Aesthetics
  • eXchanges
  • Faultline
  • Folklore/Literature (Cyprus International University)
  • Framework Online
  • Gadda studies online
  • Genre
  • Globalization
  • Inquire: Journal of Comparative Literature
  • International Review of Modernism
  • Konturen
  • Kulturpoetik
  • Limen
  • Litinfo
  • Neohelicon
  • New Global Studies
  • Penumbra: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Critical and Creative Inquiry
  • PopPolitics
  • Postgraduate English (UK graduate e-journal)
  • Postmodern Culture
  • Review of Comparative Literature (Bryn Mawr)
  • Saltana
  • SubStance
  • Symploké
  • Symposium: A Quarterly Journal in Modern Literatures
  • Textos Híbridos (Hybrid Texts)
  • theory@buffalo
  • Tympanum
  • University of Toronto Quarterly
  • Warring States Papers
  • World Literature Today
  • Yearbook of Comparative Literature