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Please select a seminar for which you would like to propose a paper. Current ACLA guidelines specify that each ACLA member may submit only ONE PAPER for consideration. Abstracts must be received by Sunday, October 31, 2021 at 11:59 p.m. PST.

Short Fiction in Comparative and World Literature

Organizer: Amândio Reis

In Death of a Discipline, Gayatri Spivak addresses the problematic identification between “literature” and the novel form in conventional approaches within comparative literature (2005: 123), voicing... more

Affect and Pandemic Streaming

Organizer: Andree Lafontaine

The Pandemic has operated a monumental shift in media production and consumption. Screen time increased and streaming services subscriptions boomed as theaters closed and movie projects were shelved... more

Speculative Fiction and Decolonial Thought

Organizer: Smaran Dayal

This seminar is concerned with a very straightforward question: What is the place of  speculative and science fiction in imagining alternatives to the oppressive orders of life in colonial... more

Toni Morrison in Global Contexts

Organizer: Hsiu-chuan Lee

Nobel laureate Toni Morrison passed away in 2019, yet the repercussions of her writings and thoughts remain on the rise across the globe. While being acclaimed, as in the words of the 1993 Nobel... more

Possibilities in World Literary Criticism(s)

Organizer: Manasvin Rajagopalan

Despite the opening up of literary studies to the burgeoning and thriving world of literatures from around the world, particularly those in languages outside of the major traditions in European and... more

Literatures of an Algorithmic World

Organizer: Ian Butcher

Algorithms are a perplexing force in society today, at once hidden and omnipresent, with various and polarizing opinions about their influence. For some  algorithms are simply one of many tools... more

The Universal of Sexual Difference

Organizer: Yitian ZHAI

French feminist thinker Luce Irigaray’s proposal of the feminist universal relies upon the relationship that she builds up between sexual difference and cultural difference. For Irigaray, it is... more

Poets and the Conversation of Translation

Organizer: Gregory Dunne

At a time when an increasing number of poetry translations are coming forth out of Asia, it may be time to assess how these poetries and their translations are widening and deepening our sense of... more

Critiques and Aesthetics of/in Use

Organizer: Julia Landmann

Insofar as materialist critiques of the capitalist valorization process aim at rendering the relations between use and exchange value contingent, they enable ways to think that relation differently.... more

Cosmopolitanisms on the Edge

Organizer: Nanor Kebranian

This panel explores how trends towards growing authoritarianism in historically heterogeneous socio-political spaces have affected expressions and experiences of cosmopolitanism over the past decade... more

Freud and the Chinese Diaspora

Organizer: Nan Da

Diasporic trauma has a fraught relationship to Freud’s basic insight that historical pain expresses itself psychosomatically. Displacement-- the transference of pain and its psychic freefalls... more

The right to speak ?

Organizer: Christophe Schuwey

The current media landscape puts legitimacy at the core of nowadays debates on the freedom of speech and behaviors. Who is authorised to speak, from which starting point, and on behalf of whom?... more

Graphic Narrative as a Nexus of Diverse Cultures

Organizer: Takayuki Yokota-Murakami

Graphic narrative is no less important locus for cultural contacts than any other media such as literature, art, film, etc., where alien cultural paradigms encounter one another, negotiate themselves... more

Graphic Narrative as a Nexus of Diverse Cultures

Organizer: Noriko Hiraishi

Graphic Narrative as a Nexus of Diverse Cultures A seminar sponsored by the ICLA Research Committee on Comics Studies and Graphic Narrative Graphic narrative is no less important locus for... more