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Toward New Theories and Histories of Romance

Organizer: Joel Childers

For many scholars of the twentieth century, “romance” has proved an enticing genre by which to narrate the advent of (literary) modernity. In the twelfth- and thirteenth-centuries, “romans” signified... more

Environment and Loss

Organizer: Chris Malcolm

Today the thought of the environment is tied to the thought of loss. At times, the economy of loss is synonymous with the environment. Concerns about populations displaced by changing conditions... more

Polyglot Minds and Bodies Politic

Organizer: Isabel Gómez

Translators live polyglot lives. Our languages may serve different social functions, they may allow us to access different economies, or even to inhabit different selves, ontological statuses, or... more

The Child, the Parent: Ethics, Politics, Race

Organizer: Cynthia Quarrie

The child is a figure onto whom mythic pasts and anxious futures are regularly projected, and as such often bears much mystifying affective weight. Sentimentalized and innocent, but also demonic and... more

Hej, Sloveni, Let's Remember Yugoslavia!

Organizer: Anita Lukic

The current strains of right-wing nationalism that are troubling the EU and NATO consensus in the US and Europe require us to reflect not only on their historical origins but on their rhetorical and... more

Postwar Cinema/Images and Nuclear Catastrophe

Organizer: Brett Ashley Kaplan

The political-historical moment of precarity in which we now live, where nuclear catastrophe again seems possible if not probable, calls for renewed readings of postwar images such as the 1962 Soviet... more

Poetics of Difficulty

Organizer: Amy Hollywood

As Leo Bersani asserts in his Culture of Redemption (1990), “A crucial assumption in the culture of redemption is that a certain type of repetition of experience in art repairs inherently damaged or... more

Bio-orientalim and the Speculative Turn

Organizer: Hilary Thompson

  How might we examine contemporary literature about and from Asia in relation to recent turns to biopolitics and/or speculative realism and speculative fiction? Just as theories of... more