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The Face and/in World Literature

Organizer: Anca Parvulescu

This seminar brings together scholars working in a range of fields to frame a comparative literary history of the face. From Chaucer through to the contemporary global novel, the seminar considers... more

The Project of Critique

Organizer: Joe Hughes

This seminar invites historically and philosophically informed contributions addressing the ongoing vitality of critique. One of the striking features of contemporary debates about method is the... more

Catastrophes in Literature and Art

Organizer: Alexandra Schamel

Our recent times have seen different kinds of global crises: the pandemia, political aggression and war, natural disasters and earlier: 9/11, and terror threat in the public sphere. The catastrophic... more

Humility and/or Critique

Organizer: Aleksandr Prigozhin

Humility and/or Critique Put simply, we live in humbling times.  The global reemergence of violent right-wing authoritarianism amid a crisis of representative democracy (whom exactly does... more

Philology of the Gross: Comparative Perspectives

Organizer: Sophus Helle

In the second of a series of world-philological seminars at the ACLA —bringing together experts on disparate cultures and languages to address issues that are shared by the many subdisciplines of... more

Poetry and Song

Organizer: Robert von Hallberg

Papers on: 1) History of the relations of poetry and song, medieval to recent. 2) Popular song audiences 3) Craft of setting verse to music  

Presentness and Grace

Organizer: Se-Min Lee

This seminar takes its point of departure from Michael Fried’s infamous conclusion to his “Art and Objecthood” essay: “Presentness is grace.” Foreshadowing his lifelong campaign against theatricality... more