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Thank you to everyone who proposed a seminar for our March 19-22, 2020 conference in Chicago. The Program Committee has made final decisions about seminars and all acceptance letters have already been sent.

Please use the search below to find your seminar for reference (we recommend searching using only one or two keywords for best results). If you have already received an acceptance email but do not see your seminar listed below this does not mean that the status of the seminar has changed. Contact with any questions.

The Work of Feminist Theory

Organizer: Shilyh Warren

Seminar description: In this seminar, we reflexively engage in the work of feminist theory as well as consider its membership, telos, and intellectual histories. The practices of thought that... more

Forecasting 2: More Scenarios for the Future

Organizer: Imre Szeman

Description: The forecast is for 100-year storms and record-breaking temperatures to be the new norm. These daily and weekly predictions are microcosms of what is, in all likelihood, going to be... more

Realism as Theory II: Existence and Epistemology

Organizer: Michael Weinman

This seminar — the continuation of and companion seminar to “Realism as Theory I: Form and Phenomenon” — focuses on how realist literature both mediates and produces knowledge about both the natural... more

Agamben's Later Works

Organizer: Frances Restuccia

This seminar will focus on the later works of Giorgio Agamben, mainly The Use of Bodies and studies published in English during or after 2015:  e.g., Pilate and Jesus, The Fire and the Tale, The... more

Political Implications of the Poetics of Philosophy

Organizer: Osman Nemli

Following world shattering social and political events in the 20th century, philosophy’s ability to be an adequate or efficacious discipline to change, let alone interpret, the world was brought into... more