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Philosophical Resonance

Organizer: Ben Roth

What do we mean when we say that a pair of texts—one literary, one philosophical—resonate?  That a philosopher and an artist share a sensibility, or have a special kinship?  What... more

Caribbean Sites and Sounds

Organizer: Charlie Hankin

The articulation or (as Édouard Glissant put it) “confrontation” between the oral and the scribal has long figured as a fundamental trope in Caribbean writing. From Juan Francisco Manzano’s practice... more

Reading Catherine Malabou's Stop Thief!

Organizer: Tyler Williams

This seminar focuses on the recent (2022) publication of Catherine Malabou’s Au voleur!, which is slated for publication in English translation as Stop Thief! in January 2024. Contributors are... more

The Genre Turn in Multiethnic Literature

Organizer: Timothy Lem-Smith

In his landmark essay, "The Second Elevation: Race, Form, and the Postrace Aesthetic in Contemporary Narrative," Ramón Saldívar proclaimed the arrival of a "cohort of contemporary authors . . . [who... more

Queer trauma in world literature

Organizer: Anchit Sathi

This seminar is interested in exploring and interrogating queer trauma in literature, which is to say, it is interested in probing the varieties of traumatic experience that impinge upon the lives of... more