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Orientation via Texts and Communication

Organizer: Reinhard Mueller

How do we orient ourselves to texts? How do texts orientate us and how can they transform us? How do texts shape the world that we orient ourselves in? And how do the ways we orient ourselves to each... more

Modernist Extra-Cinematic Montage

Organizer: Nikita Allgire

Although entering the English language in the late 1920s by way of early theories of cinema and the art of the European Modernist avant-garde, the conceptual and historical trajectories of montage... more

Inhuman Voices: Writing and the Non-Human

Organizer: Katharina Simon

Time and again, literature has reflected on its non-human origins in scenes of writing and invocation. In “Autobiography as De-facement,” de Man conceptualizes prosopopeia as the mechanism in which... more

Genre Theory Today

Organizer: Martin Aagaard Jensen

Scholars have turned to genre as both method and topic in recent years. It has arisen as a heuristic for literary sociologists, feminist critics and race theorists. At the same time, critics observe... more

Simple Forms and Speech Genres

Organizer: Chris Chiasson

Literariness is a notoriously tricky and/or pointless (elitist, etc.) concept for the study of literature. And yet, it seems difficult to do without entirely. In their different ways, André Jolles,... more

Many Partitions

Organizer: Anjali Gera Roy

The 1947 Partition of India was one of the most violent events in human history in which a million people lost their lives and fifteen million were forced to cross the border on the east and the west... more


Organizer: Nicholas Brady

Afropessimism is one name given to a recent movement in thought to consider blackness as a singular condition that throws the categories of the modern world into crisis at the same time as it... more

Political Implications of the Poetics of Philosophy

Organizer: Osman Nemli

Following world shattering social and political events in the 20th century, philosophy’s ability to be an adequate or efficacious discipline to change, let alone interpret, the world was brought into... more