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Anyone who would like to organize a seminar for our 2023 Annual Meeting (Sheraton Grand in Chicago, Illinois, March 16-19, 2023) must first post a call for papers here. Calls for papers will be accepted through September 30, 2022.

Formal Innovation in Small Literatures

Organizer: Andrea Cabajsky

The seminar organizers seek proposals that investigate connections between theme and form in small literatures. We are particularly interested in receiving proposals that focus on formal innovation... more

The Making of Asia: Asian/ Asian Americans on Screen:

Organizer: Yu Min (Claire) Chen

Since Lumière brothers' first films debuted in Paris in 1895,  motion pictures have evolved and advanced from early silent, black and white film to today’s use of 3D and new technology.... more

Aging and Ageisms across European Enlightenments

Organizer: Cynthia Laura Vialle-Giancotti

Old age is less the result of a biological reality, than the by-product of a cultural and social construction. Each culture and society determines its age and rites of passage relative to specific... more

Literatures of Transnational Race/Critique

Organizer: Taylor Johnston-Levy

Since the 2020 global resurgence of Black Lives Matter, race critique has been disparaged as an unwanted American export. European politicians, for example, attribute demonstrations against police... more

East Asian War Films

Organizer: (Aaron) Feng Lan

The most unforgettable events marking the modern histories of East Asian countries such as China, Korea, and Japan are perhaps the series of military conflicts, ranging from civil wars to regional... more

Translation Ecologies

Organizer: Isabel Gómez

How do translation practice and multilingual knowledge production inform and shape notions of sustainability, justice, security, and relationality between languages and cultures in the modern and... more

Oral Literature and Its Digital Forms

Organizer: Mamen Rodriguez Galindo

The growing accessibility to digital platforms has influenced the rise of oral literature, both the revindication of centuries old forms of storytelling, as well as new forms of oral and digital... more

Novel and the Post-/Modern Way of Being

Organizer: Sarbani Banerjee

What Edmund Husserl calls as the crisis of the Modern European Man can be understood as Seinsvergessenheit or the forgetting of the mystery of Being. Hermann Broch studies the irrational dimension in... more

Unwritten Biographies and Literature in Translation

Organizer: Garrett Field

This seminar is for translators and scholars who wish to explore relationships between biographical data of understudied littérateurs and their own translations of these writers' short stories,... more

Queer Kinship in World Literature

Organizer: Anchit Sathi

This seminar seeks to shine the spotlight on non-heteronormative forms of kinship in world literature. To this end, it will explore and interrogate such relationships to highlight the nuanced ways in... more

Sensing Migrant Romanticism

Organizer: Tanvi Solanki

In his influential study of Romanticism, M. H. Abrams famously claimed that radical aesthetic novelties “frequently turn out to be migrant ideas which, in their native intellectual habitat, were... more

Bersani and Art

Organizer: Colin Buist

Leo Bersani’s work is frequently cited in queer theory and literary studies on questions of sociality, sexuality, and intimacy. Curiously unexplored, however, is Bersani’s career-long engagement with... more

Contesting Historical Amnesia

Organizer: Grace Miller

The US has built an empire on the idea of its exceptionalism and disregarding violent acts against minorities in its history.  These historical moments in history are forcefully erased or pushed... more