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Anyone who would like to organize a seminar for our 2023 Annual Meeting (Sheraton Grand in Chicago, Illinois, March 16-19, 2023) must first post a call for papers here. Calls for papers will be accepted through September 30, 2022.

Thinking Small

Organizer: Akshya Saxena

Why think small in comparative literary studies? As a discipline, comparative literature is expansive. It shuns critical and political parochialism by looking beyond national and regional boundaries... more

Documentary Poetics of the Hemispheric Americas

Organizer: Whitney DeVos

Mark Nowak has influentially described "documentary poetics" as "not so much a movement as a modality within poetry," a range of practices "along a continuum from the first person auto-ethnographic... more

The Family and Memory

Organizer: Catrina de Rivera

This seminar explores the complex relationship between the family and remembrance: what kinds of memories are exposed or, conversely, omitted, in texts or films about the family? To what extent can... more

Literary Biography

Organizer: Sara Kippur

This panel seeks to explore the topic of literary biography as both theory and practice. Literary studies since the New Critics have long registered a suspicion of biographical approaches to... more

Theories and Practices of Empathy Across the World

Organizer: Saumya Lal

This seminar explores conceptions of empathy in various philosophical, cultural, and linguistic traditions across the world. The English word “empathy,” adapted from the German einfühlung and closely... more

The New Academic Novel

Organizer: Jeffrey Williams

            Over the past two decades, academic fiction has seen significant change, and this roundtable aims to investigate its various... more

Capital I Today

Organizer: Andrew Parker

A new edition and English translation of Marx's Das Kapital I, the first in nearly a half century, will appear later this year from Princeton University Press. To mark the occasion as a Comparative... more

Values for Theory

Organizer: Anna Kornbluh

What key concepts or foundational principles might best equip theory as an engaged practice for the 21st century?  What sorts of norms and ideals should organize criticism and theory; how and... more

Emotion and the Future of the Nation

Organizer: Mazalit Haim

In conceptualizing nationalism and “nation-ness,” Benedict Anderson considered not only their emergence and historical transformations but also “why […] they command such profound emotional... more


Organizer: Johanna Winant

This seminar focuses on how literary texts ask and don’t answer questions. Attentive to literary fascination with puzzles, riddles, enigmas, obscurity, perplexity and uncertainty, mystery and... more

Pornography, Propaganda, Representation

Organizer: Dana Glaser

This seminar investigates “pornography” and “propaganda” as two categories that attempt to set boundaries around acceptable language. They work as genre designations as often as they work as... more

Informing Life

Organizer: Armando Mastrogiovanni

This seminar was organized by Adam Rosenthal, Deborah Goldgaber, and Armando Mastrogiovanni. Since the birth of modern molecular biology and genetics in the middle of the last century, the life... more