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Forms of Attention

Organizer: Jennifer Reimer

Recent scholarship has placed renewed, and updated, focus on the question of aesthetic form. Building on that focus, this panel asks: how can aesthetic form produce or enable modes of attention, and... more

The Novel Under Pressure

Organizer: Gloria Fisk

As it circulates in English, the realist novel is a cultural artifact of the age of Enlightenment in Europe, which is to say that it is a cultural artifact of empire. But if the genre is underwritten... more

Comparative Ecotechnics

Organizer: Derek Woods

The world system needs a transition to green, renewable machines and infrastructures. Every day, politicians and activists work toward variants of the Green New Deal; entrepreneurs present new... more

Parallel Poetics

Organizer: Márton Farkas

In his 1741 Oxford lectures, “On the Sacred Poetry of the Hebrews”, the English man of letters, Robert Lowth identified parallelismus membrorum as the chief structural principle of the language of... more

Rethinking Lyric Communities

Organizer: Francesco Giusti

From the circulation of poetic forms across different languages and traditions around the globe, through the envisioning of national and transnational discursive communities, to the use of poetry in... more

Sex Negativity

Organizer: Marija Cetinić

Additional co-organizer: Tessel Veneboer, Ghent University Mladen Dolar insists that "speaking obliquely is the proper way to speak about sex" ("Running Wild," 90-91). Heeding the... more

Crisis Maps and the Edge of Representation

Organizer: Chris Carpenter

Crisis Maps and the Edge of Representation Economic historian Adam Tooze has recently proposed structural diagrams – dubbed Krisenbilder or “crisis pictures” – as one way to orient ourselves in the... more

Jerusalem: Fictive Realities

Organizer: Dafna Shetreet

Since antiquity, Jerusalem occupies an indefinite space between fiction and reality. The holy city is imagined in the histories and literatures of the three monotheistic religions, but, almost... more

Reading Marx globally

Organizer: Alwin Franke

Reading Marx globally “In place of the old local and national seclusion and self-sufficiency, we have intercourse in every direction, universal inter-dependence of nations. And as in material, so... more

Mediterranean Europe and/as the Global South

Organizer: Alexis Radisoglou

The organizers of this seminar invite papers that interrogate cultural imaginaries and broader theorizations of Mediterranean Europe both in its relationship to and as the Global South. We conceive... more

The Pharmakon Today

Organizer: Bishupal Limbu

What is the relevance of the pharmakon today in literary and cultural studies, more than half a century after Derrida first published “La pharmacie de Platon”? In Greek, a pharmakon (φάρμακον) means... more

How to Do Theory with Examples

Organizer: Dylan Furcall

Conventionally understood, we give examples to lend concreteness to abstract theories. Moreover, we find examples in the world imminently available for use, like seeds “sown [...] broadcast... more

Oceanic (Dis)Orientations

Organizer: Kritish Rajbhandari

In Wild Blue Media (2020), Melody Jue theorizes the ocean as an environment for interpretation. Water’s "conceptual displacement" requires a rethinking of concepts, objects, and media. For... more

The Digital Topography

Organizer: Jacqueline Chia

This panel is an ongoing meditation of narratives and digital environments and the ways of being, knowing, and sensing within digital topographies. This is the third seminar of this research. For... more