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Pasts/Presents/Futures of Electric Cultures

Organizer: Sage Gerson

This seminar asks, what knowledges are produced through scholarly, pedagogical, and creative engagements with electricity? Thinking with, through, and against the ways that electricity has become a... more

Embodied in Words

Organizer: Margarita Saona

In The Cambridge Companion to the Body in Literature, David Hillman and Ulrika Maude proclaim, "The fact is that there are no bodies in literature," pointing to the paradox of representing the... more

Poetry and Pedagogy

Organizer: Na'ama Rokem

The purpose of this seminar is to consider the intersection of poetry and pedagogy from several, mutually illuminating perspectives. We seek to explore the role of poetry in the curricula of higher... more

It's Not About the Environment

Organizer: Maria Bose

Timothy Morton’s recent provocation that “all art is ecological” extols art’s capacity to prime us for the uncanny, a feeling we must experience if we’re ever to apprehend—much less address—the “... more

Rejoining Matter and Form

Organizer: Olivia Evans

Matter and form. This foundational binary has shaped disciplinary work in philosophy and literature since antiquity. Aristotle’s hylomorphic theory powerfully influenced subsequent thought not only... more

Global Futurities of Crime Fiction

Organizer: Andrew Pepper

Co-organised by Patrick Deer, Nicole Kenley, and Andrew Pepper, this seminar considers how crime fiction projects and responds to the crises and challenges of global futurities, particularly in... more

Terre en vue

Organizer: Tina Montenegro

The French expression “terre en vue,” used by sailors when sighting land from the sea, also has its equivalents in other Romance languages such as Portuguese (“terra à vista”) and Spanish (“tierra a... more

Bataille, Media, Materialism

Organizer: Kate J. Russell

Georges Bataille has much to say about cinema, despite writing relatively little on moving images. His investment in the concept of transgression, as that which sustains and completes the taboo, most... more

Essay Writing: Critical Overview and Current Issues

Organizer: Felipe Brandi

This transdisciplinary seminar invites papers that are interested in reflecting on the links between Literature and Social Sciences. Open to contributions dealing with the cultural production of the... more

Reimagining 21st Century Realisms

Organizer: Jenny Rademacher

How are we rethinking genres that grapple with the increasingly ambivalent boundaries among truth, fact, and invention?  The past three decades have produced myriad efforts to name the wide... more

Memory in the Movies and TV Series

Organizer: Chia Chieh Mavis Tseng

Following the success of its previous ACLA seminar “Stories of Memory in the 21st Century” in 2022, this seminar invites paper proposals to discuss how memory is represented and imagined diversely in... more