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Humility and/or Critique

Organizer: Aleksandr Prigozhin

Humility and/or Critique Put simply, we live in humbling times.  The global reemergence of violent right-wing authoritarianism amid a crisis of representative democracy (whom exactly does... more

Philology of the Gross: Comparative Perspectives

Organizer: Sophus Helle

In the second of a series of world-philological seminars at the ACLA —bringing together experts on disparate cultures and languages to address issues that are shared by the many subdisciplines of... more

Poetry and Song

Organizer: Robert von Hallberg

Papers on: 1) History of the relations of poetry and song, medieval to recent. 2) Popular song audiences 3) Craft of setting verse to music  

Macaronic Literature: Reading Multilingualism

Organizer: Ben Thomas

Modern scholars and readers alike often speak in terms of, if not national literatures, linguistic categories: Francophone literature, the Anglosphere, Russophone prose. But what of the texts... more

Ashes of East Asia

Organizer: XIYI ZHANG

Chinese director Jia Zhangke is constantly searching for traces of a lost community in his films. In his latest film, Ash Is Purest White, the protagonist Qiao, having lost everything, still tries to... more

Presentness and Grace

Organizer: Se-Min Lee

This seminar takes its point of departure from Michael Fried’s infamous conclusion to his “Art and Objecthood” essay: “Presentness is grace.” Foreshadowing his lifelong campaign against theatricality... more

The “Safe Animal” Sensibility

Organizer: Jiwon Rim

This panel invites discussions on the contemporary politics of the “safe animal” in literature and media—in all the registers and valences of “safe.” An overworked but underexplored cultural trope,... more

Writing the Self: Gender and Genre

Organizer: Charity Scribner

The question of autofiction has become dominant in the study of comparative literature and culture, and it is particularly germane to the subjects of gender and race.  Writing of the self spans... more

The Multispecies Turn: Human and Nonhuman Entanglements

Organizer: Nathaniel Otjen

The term “multispecies,” along with kindred concepts such as “transspecies” and “interspecies,” have proliferated throughout the environmental humanities over the past decade. Although they were once... more

Women Writers of Color and Science Fiction

Organizer: Ericka Hoagland

This seminar invites papers that explore the deep and far-reaching impact of women writers of color from around the world on science fiction. In her 1980 essay “The Lost Races of Science Fiction... more