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Thank you to everyone who proposed a seminar for our March 19-22, 2020 conference in Chicago. The Program Committee has made final decisions about seminars and all acceptance letters have already been sent.

Please use the search below to find your seminar for reference (we recommend searching using only one or two keywords for best results). If you have already received an acceptance email but do not see your seminar listed below this does not mean that the status of the seminar has changed. Contact with any questions.

Transculturalism, Cultural Hybridity and Globalization

Organizer: Chunhui Peng

  In the article “Global Mobility, Transcultural Literature, and Multiple Modes of Modernity,”Arianna Dagnino considers the term transcultural as “a mode of reflexive identity” to examine one’s... more

Teaching Empathy through Literature

Organizer: Mukti Mangharam

This seminar asks: Is it possible to teach empathy towards those perceived as different from ourselves? Scholars have variously affirmed or denied this possibility. Lynn Hunt most famously argued... more

Beyond Subject/Object: Posthumanism in Latin America

Organizer: Dana Khromov

The humanities have taken a turn in the last quarter century toward the posthuman, a shift founded on a decentering of the Cartesian subject and a concomitant reconsideration of how the human is... more

The Exhaustion of Humanitarianism?

Organizer: Luis Fernando Restrepo

Although in Humanitarian Reason  Didier Fassin argued that humanitarianism is a defining element of the present era, articulating concerns for vulnerable populations worldwide, there are... more

Occasional Poetry in the World

Organizer: Elliott Colla

It is an understatement to say that most modern poets and critics have looked upon occasional poetry as a minor mode of expression, a petty or antiquated concern. For many, occasional poems come off... more

Affects, Violence and Memory in Latin America

Organizer: Ana Del Sarto

During the 1990s, feminist and queer cultural studies within the Anglo-Saxon academia, have been theorizing affects as a way out of the believed impasse generated by post-modern psychoanalytic and... more

Women in Theory

Organizer: Erin Graff Zivin

While the fields of gender, feminist, and queer studies receive limited institutional support within the academy, intellectual spaces in those fields—conferences, journals, books—allow for a... more

The World vs. The Global

Organizer: Sara Marzioli

Can we theorize World Literature as an intellectual and creative practice of resistance against the cultural imperialism embodied by the idea of the Global, the celebration of what Graham Hubbard... more


Organizer: Sangina Patnaik

Wailing, keening, rending: this seminar explores political, formal, and cultural expressions of despair.  From climate crises to the politics of fear, despair has become the dominant affect of... more

Collage and Montage in Literature and the Other Arts

Organizer: Magda Dragu

Collage and montage are prevalent terms in the life of the modern man. We use them daily, interchangeably, and profusely. However, this seminar proposes to investigate the relations between early... more

Voice to Noise, Medieval to Modern Iberia

Organizer: Henry Berlin

Voice to Noise, Medieval to Modern Iberia This seminar will explore notions of voice, inner and public, individual and common, in interdisciplinary fashion but centered on literary texts and... more

Giorgio Agamben and Literature

Organizer: Wayne Stables

Giorgio Agamben is one of the most compelling contemporary theorists of literature. Yet despite ever intensifying interest in Agamben’s work, his studies of literature and poetics remain a less... more

Aesthetics Unbound

Organizer: John Brenkman

The question of the scope of aesthetic categories and of the category of the aesthetic reaches from Kant to today. For Kant, the beautiful is manifest in art and nature, the sublime in nature and... more