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Photography and the Limits of the Visible

Organizer: Ashley Brock

In the Americas, photography remains colored by its historic role as a tool of positivistic capture and control on the one hand and, on the other, of propaganda to project and create imagined... more

Politics of Disclosure

Organizer: Anne Brancky

The past year has been marked by the intense social, political and discursive impact of movements of disclosure in the public sphere. In this seminar, we explore the public revelation of private... more

Ghostpitality I

Organizer: David Coughlan

What is the relation between the hospitable house and the haunted house? In a haunted house, who or what extends a welcome? Who invites whom in? When Jacques Derrida devoted his seminars to the... more

Texts Travelling beyond the West.

Organizer: Clarissa Vierke

Texts travelling beyond the West. The recent debate concerning World Literature has sparked again interest in the global circulation of texts. So far, however, the focus has mostly been on Western... more

Socialism and World Literature

Organizer: Daniel Pratt

Since the publication of The Communist Manifesto, in which Marx and Engels claim that “National one-sidedness and narrow-mindedness become more and more impossible, and from the numerous... more

Concretism: A Global Dialogue I

Organizer: Odile Cisneros

In 1960, Max Bill curated the exhibit “Concrete Art, 50 Years of Development” in Zürich. Showing work by over 100 participants from two dozen countries, he also positioned himself as leader of this... more

Gothic Childhood

Organizer: Katherine Henninger

From Jane Eyre to Gotham, from Harriett Jacobs’s Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl to Daniel Handler’s A Series of Unfortunate Events, children are featured in tales of Gothic horror, and Gothic... more

Rereading the Book of Nature

Organizer: Nicholas Huelster

The “Book of Nature,” a medieval idea that nature was a world of signs which could be read to understand the workings of God, is one whose structures continue to resonate today. According to this... more

Crime Fiction and Global Spaces Part I

Organizer: Andrew Pepper

The transnational “turn” in crime fiction and studies of the genre has produced a new understanding of the complex interplays between crime, policing and security. Just as crime is increasingly... more

Latin America Today: The Violence of Accumulation

Organizer: Juan Leal

The main goal of our panel is to characterize the current articulation of violence and capitalist’s accumulation with the ongoing metamorphoses of sovereignty and modern political institutions, in... more

Global Indigenous Literature and Human Rights

Organizer: Audrey Golden

In the decades following the ratification of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP), scholars across disciplines have begun considering the relationship between... more

Anticipatory Grief

Organizer: Kevin Vennemann

Anticipatory Grief The concept of anticipatory grief—mourning something before it has been lost—has had its greatest purchase in the discipline of academic psychology. In the clinical... more

Translating the Epic

Organizer: Peter Orte

This seminar is dedicated to exploring various ways that oral and literary epics have been translated over time, across different cultures and languages, or into different semiotic mediums, i.e. song... more

How Are Concepts Made?

Organizer: Keston Sutherland

Our title invokes Vladimir Mayakovsky's 1926 essay, “How are Verses Made?” in order to pose a question that links literary epistemology—what literature knows and how it knows it—to social life, in... more