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On Length: The Long and the Short of It

Organizer: Lindsay Thomas

This seminar examines how questions of length matter to literary studies. Considerations like word count or reading time influence many practices in the circulation of texts, from publishability to... more

Genre Trouble

Organizer: Sonnet Retman

Look up iMovie’s “Trailer Templates” and you will find “Spy,” “Fairy Tale,” “Swashbuckler” and countless other distillations of genre so familiar that auteurs under the age of 8 can both distinguish... more

Rethinking the Pedagogy of Critical Theory

Organizer: Samir Haddad

Critical theory sees itself to be at the cutting edge of theoretical innovation in the humanities and the social sciences. With a commitment to questioning what are taken to be fundamental... more

Literary History of Capitalism

Organizer: Tobias Huttner

If literary scholars have traditionally wielded theory, not least the legacies of ideology critique, to relate cultural production to transformations in the capitalist lifeworld, historians have long... more

Material Visions

Organizer: Zachary Sng

In his reading of the Kantian sublime, Paul de Man identifies the possibility of a material vision, “devoid of any reflexive or intellectual complication,” at the crux of our attempts to articulate... more

Musical Affect and Posthumanist Literatures

Organizer: Jason D'Aoust

Music's intimate relation to affect is central to emerging materialist and formalist music theories, and an important contribution to posthumanism. Music’s emotionality has long been opposed to the... more

Conflicted Asias

Organizer: Bhagya Casaba Somashekar

The economic rise of Asia in the last few decades has renewed the presence of the continent in the global imagination in various spheres. As tenacious and nuanced means of documentation, cultural... more

(Post)colonial Flows: Circuits, Affects, Politics

Organizer: Ana Maria Ferreira

This seminar is proposed in Honor of Dr. Veronica Salles-Reese’s teachings and legacy, and aims to explore the intrinsic connection between Latin American colonial history, and the present. The... more


Organizer: Jessica Hurley

There is a widely held assumption that any intellectual or artistic labor oriented towards liberation must have the function of increasing the amount of hope in the world: that it must be motivated... more

Possibility and Sovereignty: The Modern Conjunction

Organizer: Joseph Albernaz

Possibility and sovereignty are central concepts to many accounts of the modern Western world: This seminar seeks to explore their conjunction--including imagining alternative forms and refusals--in... more