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ACLA Sponsors

The ACLA is immensely grateful to the following institutions for their generous support of travel grant funding for the 2023 Annual Meeting:

Institute for the Humanities at University of Illinois at Chicago

Founded in 1982, the Institute for the Humanities at University of Illinois Chicago supports innovative research and scholarship that has changed the course of humanistic inquiry in the US and abroad. Over the years, the Institute has become the hub for all humanities activities at UIC, creating an intellectual space in which faculty and students can broaden their perspectives and engage with interlocutors and audiences within and beyond the university. Highlights of the Institute include a faculty fellow program, ten working groups, a lecture series, and international conferences. With a new Digital Humanities Initiative and an expanding roster of community partners, the Institute also provides new ways for our campus to connect, engage, and collaborate in our city and across the world.

UIC Center for Latinx Literature of the Americas

UIC’s Center for Latinx Literature of the Americas brings together writers, artists, activists, faculty members, students and the Chicago community to study, create, and celebrate new and innovative modes of literature, art and criticism. The Center is housed in the English and Latin American and Latino Studies Departments with the mission of positing a model for literary production that is interdisciplinary, border crossing, and which reflects the ways in which Chicago is a multilingual, diasporic city of the Americas. We focus on art and literature that is politically engaged and inseparable from larger questions of race, social justice, language equality and human rights. We are transhemispheric, and committed to artistic exchange between writers in the U.S. and Latin America. And we believe that translation and multilingual experimentation ought to be at the center of U.S. literary culture, and not the margins.