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Aural Ecologies: Sound Sense and Translatency

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Organizer: Rebecca Saunders

Co-Organizer: Giancarlo Tursi

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This seminar examines the resonant relationships among translation, sound, and sense (as both faculty and meaning) and pays particular attention to: the temporality and “translatency” of sound: of echoes, translation, transduction, reverberation and distortion; the belatedness, Nachtrachlichkeit, or différance inherent in translations—between languages, speakers and listeners, audio components, genres, or media; the spatiality of sound: soundscapes both constructed and accidental; the relation of sounds (music, voices, machinery, weather) to particular places, geographies, nations, conceptions of home, or to “natural” or built environments; sounds made by the bodies of humans and other animals, differing vocalizations, modes of communication, spectra of semiotic, linguistic, and expressive sounds; the affective, ideological and political uses of sound; and the translation of sounds into meanings, forms of knowledge, and instruments of power.

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