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Beyond the Anthropocene: New Perspectives in Postcolonial EH

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Organizer: Sarah Dimick

Co-Organizer: Ben Stanley

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Now that the Anthropocene thesis has been thoroughly critiqued–by postcolonial, Indigenous, and Black studies–what becomes apparent in its wake? What issues, frameworks, or modes of reading did the Anthropocene obscure? What ideas are sprouting in the intellectual space it once held? We seek papers that think outside and beyond the Anthropocene, moving along other timescales or within other currents of environmental thought. 

It is not a coincidence that Anthropocene critiques were issued by fields committed to questions of injustice and power; this seminar retains those emphases. If the Anthropocene concept generated a sense of urgency (and a vocabulary for interdisciplinarity), how can that sense of dire consequence invigorate environmental scholarship committed to political, racial, and economic justice? We attend to critical but overlooked environmental threats, writing from geographies often elided in Anthropocene discourse, and narratives at scales more nuanced than the species.


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