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The Evolution of Interactivity in Storytelling: From Epistolary Novels to Digital Media

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Organizer: Hudson Moura

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Interactivity has long been a cornerstone in storytelling, engendering a dynamic relationship between creators, writers, readers, players, and interactors. This seminar aims to dissect the multi-dimensional nature of interactivity across various narrative platforms. It traces the phenomenon's origins in early literary forms, such as the epistolary novel, to its sophisticated manifestations in contemporary digital media. The confluence of technology and storytelling has burgeoned into a major cultural phenomenon, underlining the intrinsic human yearning for active engagement in narrative experiences. We invite submissions that examine interactive components in literature, film, comic books, games, and digital platforms. Submissions may focus on pioneering examples, historical milestones, contemporary technological advancements, and storytelling innovations.

Key Topics (but not limited to):

Novels and Readers' Engagement
Interactive Mechanisms in Comic Books
The History of Interactive Storytelling
Hypertext Literature and Non-linear Storytelling
The Role of Interactive Video Games as Narrative Media

The ongoing evolution of interactivity in novels, films, games, and digital media forms a continual dialogue between human creativity and technological innovation. This seminar aims to explore these diverse dimensions further, scrutinizing both pioneering examples and contemporary applications, thus enriching our understanding of this compelling facet of interactive storytelling. Presenters will be invited to submit full papers for publication in the Interactive Film and Media Journal. More information about the journal can be found at:

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