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Is Gender Feminism a Conscientious Precaity or Immutable Contingency?

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Organizer: Jayshree Singh

Co-Organizer: Aishwarya Singh

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  The book named 'Undressing Feminism: A Philosophical Expose' (2002) written by Ellen R. Klein has questioned women's vindication of rights in context of understanding the world of men and masochism. The old authored phrase 'sense and sensibility' used by jane Austen in the eighteenth century is in question due to the material world of mankind that is blindfold of arrogance of pride and prejudice on account of the paradigms set in accordance of customary hegemonic prevalence, but also carrying the weight of anxiety of existential crisis by way of their expectations from the point of gender lens, dimension towards the other constructs of gender and femininity in terms of desires, dreams and memory.  The guilt and misery are the note of marginality, subordination and embodiment in the given pretext of customs and hierarchical patriarchy, subsequently the reason for existential doings and misdoings on the part of gender in the cultural context of roles and rules. The tender heart of women has eulogized the precarity of feminism with different variables of their existential needs and crises by way of resistance, resilience, restoration and resurgence. The seminar questions the aforementioned conditioned mindset with reference to the following concerns: - How has mankind fallen into a state of denial, negation, withdrawal, depression, despair even after such level of self-sufficiency? How does the power - house of political agencies world across work with an agenda of demeaning feminism, diminishing feminism and disorienting feminism? How do the narratives partially or wholly expose the post-truth of modernity and post-modernity in the construction of feminism or gender feminism? How is there blindfolding to let women not be the legal trailblazers to pursue change in thought process of genger-eye in majority terms? Why are women directed to a more groaning, stuffy, tired life with a reasoning note of dead dying generation in most of the narratives because of the lack of value-added life? How is women's enabling capacity both extrinsically and intrinsically responsible for precarity in feminism or for immutable contingency in gendered feminism? 

Abstracts of minimum 300 words are invited along with short bio-note of 50 words at least. Registration of the candidates will only be done, if abstracts get acceptance in the peer-review and screening. Send the abstracts to the email ID -  The last date of the submission of abstracts is 15th September 2023. Once the abstract -submission receives acceptance from the seminar organizers, the candidate has to open an account to login in the webpage of -  annual meeting 2024 for the submission of their abstract proposal in the ACLA 2024 portal and after filling all details in the given proforma in the portal, keep in mind for selecting the proposed seminar theme in which your abstract relates to.   

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