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Remaking Folklore and Myth on Page, Screen and Stage since 1990

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Organizer: Lily Li

Co-Organizer: Kaby Kung

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This panel aims to explore aesthetic and thematic innovations in the remaking of national or transnational folklore and myths from various cultures in literature, film, TV, and theater performance, since 1990, a period distinguished by substantial advances in digital technology and transnational cultural exchange. Such remakings may include adaptations, rewritings and new versions of original folklore and myth. How is the remaking different from the original story? How does the remaking refashion a folktale or myth to constitute commentary on contemporary issues, social, political, or cultural? In the case of remaking a folktale or myth originally from another culture, how does the remaking reflect or enlighten current cultural values? If gender issues are involved, how are they presented (as in gender reversal or revision of gender roles) and what is their significance?
      In recent years, digital technologies have been so refined that they often have a significant impact in film, TV series, and theater. How are digital technologies deployed to help remake a folktale or myth on screen or stage? We welcome studies in various literary, dramatic, and visual media critical approaches. We are also open to presentations on new modern or postmodern myths that may be independent of classical or previously established narratives.


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