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Anyone who would like to organize a seminar for our 2023 Annual Meeting (Sheraton Grand in Chicago, Illinois, March 16-19, 2023) must first post a call for papers here. Calls for papers will be accepted through September 30, 2022.

Informing Life

Organizer: Armando Mastrogiovanni

This seminar was organized by Adam Rosenthal, Deborah Goldgaber, and Armando Mastrogiovanni. Since the birth of modern molecular biology and genetics in the middle of the last century, the life... more

South Asian Untranslatables

Organizer: Eesha Kumar

South Asian texts and cultures offer a panoply of terms that are difficult to translate. Consider bhāva — a keyword in premodern philosophy, dramaturgy, and poetics — which may refer to an emotion, a... more

Hotel Cosmopolitan

Organizer: Ethan King

This panel brings together diverse readings of the hotel as a peculiarly evocative transfer point in narratives of modernity and postmodernity. It examines the uncanny power of the hotel to symbolize... more

The Goblin Studies Perspective

Organizer: Caren Irr

Goblins and other small humanoid creatures populate folkloric imaginations throughout the world. Whether as Greek κοβλανος, Korean dokkaebi, Latin American duendes, Swedish tomten, or the fantastic... more

Antisocial Femininity: Refusal Toward the Relational

Organizer: Chelsea Largent

As we figure out what new social configurations look like, and whether or not we want to be a part of them, it seems we are at a point in queer and feminist theory where the futurity of our current... more

Comparative Literature and/as Cultural History

Organizer: Tania Gentic

Aldo Scaglione wrote in 1988 that “cultural history is a viable model of ‘comparative’ study and can be taken as an example of what Comparative Literature can be and do.” Interdisciplinary approaches... more

Pascal at 400: A Critical Prospective

Organizer: Chad Córdova

Pascal at 400: A Critical Prospective While those with whom he was engaged in complex dialogue, like Montaigne and Descartes, have been the subject of critical rereadings and returns – ones that... more

Visual Cultures of Colonialism

Organizer: Olimpia Rosenthal

The production, circulation, and display of images offers critical insight to understand the myriad ways in which colonial domination has been justified and contested across time and geographies.... more

Modernist Prolegomena

Organizer: Anna Torres-Cacoullos

As prefatory interventions, paratexts such as prologues, prefaces,  preambles, dedicatory letters, and addresses to readers have largely been neglected by scholars of modernist literatures... more

Theories of the American Novel

Organizer: Alex Moskowitz

This seminar will explore what might be considered the coherence and incoherence of “the American novel.” We intentionally use scare quotes around that phrase to draw attention and elicit doubt... more