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Anyone who would like to organize a seminar for our 2023 Annual Meeting (Sheraton Grand in Chicago, Illinois, March 16-19, 2023) must first post a call for papers here. Calls for papers will be accepted through September 30, 2022.


Organizer: Benjamin Schreier

Much has been written about our discipline’s post-theory age. Some lament the passing of theory, many more celebrate it, and quite a few others have devoted their professional energies to... more

Cyber-feminism and Gender Violence

Organizer: Deepanjali Mishra

Feminism has always fought for asserting women’s rights and bringing out their needs and justifies their struggle in order to be considered at par with their male counterparts. One of their... more

Mysticism in Arabic Aesthetics

Organizer: Riham Debian

The proposal tackles the nature and the characteristics of the mystic in Arabic aesthetics through the axes of intergenrational contiuity and its interface with intertextuality and the identity of... more

Seeing the Ordinary Anew

Organizer: Magdalena Ostas

Traditions of scholarship on the concepts of the ordinary and everyday converge around a fundamental point: to take an interest in the ordinary is to take an interest in what has been there all along... more

Disarticulating Authorship

Organizer: Tess Takahashi

Art historian Mignon Nixon argues that "rather than the death of the author, it might be possible to imagine the transformation of authorship." Nixon's assertion forms part of a much larger question... more

Symbolic Animals: On Representation

Organizer: Alya Ansari

In a germinal essay of literary study, W.J.T. Mitchell observes that the human, “for many philosophers both ancient and modern, is the “representational animal,” homo symbolicum, the creature whose... more