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Poetry and Mass Collectivity

Organizer: Andrew Gorin

In Imagined Communities, Benedict Anderson describes how the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier broadens the reach of the public it configures precisely by evacuating its act of memorialization of specific... more

Island Stories

Organizer: Nicoletta Pireddu

Edenic getaways and utopian elsewheres, or dystopian spaces of exile and segregation; marginalized, exploited, self-referential appendages of nations, but also fertile spaces of multicultural... more

The American Campus Novel in the 21st Century

Organizer: Marta Lysik

The campus novel, an Anglo-American genre, having as its protagonists alternately students, teaching staff, and full professors, acts as a barometer measuring the state of the nation and education.... more

Literary Characters. Where to?

Organizer: Alberto Comparini (Freie Universität)

Literary Characters. Where to?   Since the early 2000s, there has been a new character turn within literary theory and comparative literary studies: from Woloch’sThe One vs. The Many... more

Geopolitical Narrative and the Genre Turn

Organizer: Elijah Guerra

The genre turn in global literature has inspired scholarship exploring the relationship between generic form and contemporary themes. In addition to Caren Irr’s Toward the Geopolitical Novel (2014),... more

Solidarity in Translation

Organizer: Anthony Alessandrini

In “Five Theses on the Common,” Gigi Roggero writes that “the common is always organized in translation.” This seminar begins from a related suggestion: that it might be possible to say that... more

27 Rue de Fleurus

Organizer: Yu Min Claire Chen

" Paris was the place that suited us who were to create the twentieth-century art and literature. Picasso once remarked I do not care who it is that has or does influence me as long as it is not... more

Fictions of the Neoliberal City

Organizer: Weihsin Gui

How does late-twentieth and early twenty-first century fiction represent neoliberal urban spaces and city life? While there are numerous studies about literature and the modern city in various... more

Doing Theory in Archipelagic Southeast Asia

Organizer: Elmo Gonzaga

This seminar will explore what it means to ‘do theory’ in and about Southeast Asia. Recent initiatives such as the University of California System’s International Consortium for Critical Theory... more

Modern Wars, Genocide, Survival, and Life Writing

Organizer: Phyllis Lassner

Although war has always inspired powerfully innovative writing and art, the incessant global wars and genocides of the 20th and 21st centuries continue to revolutionize life writing and art. For... more