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Organizer: Jan Mieszkowski

“What’s done is done.” From the Second Law of Thermodynamics to our most basic ideas about origins, events, and the very nature of life and death, few realms of human experience escape the long... more

Disability and the Avant-Garde

Organizer: Samuel Yates

The formal turn is well underway in Critical Disability Studies. Inaugurated by David Mitchell and Sharon Snyder’s Narrative Prosthesis, Robert McRuer’s Crip Theory, Tobin Sieber’s Disability... more

The Global Novel

Organizer: Neus Rotger

Focusing on poetics as much as on questions of genre theory and cultural history, this panel seeks to look critically at the current upsurge of interest in the so-called global novel (Siskind 2010;... more

Memory, Machines, Storytelling, and Literary Form

Organizer: Dominique Jullien

The development of the human cognitive capacities has been deeply dependent on prosthetic technologies of memory with writing as the most prolific. Literature responds to new technologies of... more

Seeing the World

Organizer: Travis Landry

Theories of world literature have touched upon questions of scale, non-recognition, and estrangement. Implicit in these theories is the way distance mediates how the world is perceived. For this... more

Hölderlin, Romantic, Revolution

Organizer: Sebastian Truskolaski

Hölderlin, Romantic, Revolution   ACLA Seminar, Georgetown University, March 7-10, 2019 Organized by Sebastian Truskolaski (Trinity College Dublin) and Geoffrey Wildanger (Brown).  ... more

Modernism in Literature and the Arts: East and West

Organizer: Yu Min Claire Chen

Modernism in Literature and the Arts: East and West “Staying as I am, One foot in one country and the other in another, I find my condition to be very happy, in that it is free . --- Rene Descartes,... more

How To Do Things With Literature

Organizer: Osman Nemli

Taking its title from J.L. Austin’s How To Do Things With Words, this seminar is interested in various attempts to bring deconstruction, speech act theory, and postanalytic philosophy together via an... more

Hispanic Adaptations

Organizer: Elisabeth Austin

This seminar will explore the many forms of adaptation in Hispanic cultures, offering a comparative dialogue on the multiform products and processes of adaptation within Spain and Spanish America.... more

The Personal is the Critical

Organizer: Shari Goldberg

We’ve known for half a century that the personal is the political; our private experiences constitute engagement in a gendered power system. Building on this feminist assertion, queer and disability... more

Intertidal Intimacies

Organizer: Joanne Leow

In recent decades, thanks to the work of scholars such as Paul Gilroy, Kamau Brathwaite, Elizabeth DeLoughrey, Engseng Ho, Lisa Lowe, Meg Samuelson, and Alice Te Punga Somerville (among many others... more