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Please select a seminar for which you would like to propose a paper. Current ACLA guidelines specify that each ACLA member may submit only ONE PAPER for consideration. Abstracts must be received by Monday, September 23, 2019 at 9 a.m. EST.

Marketing World Literature

Organizer: David Damrosch

Literary prizes and events play a growing role today in the international circulation and reception of writers and their works. Even nationally based awards such as the Pulitzer can have an... more

Postwar Variations

Organizer: Bradley J. Fest

This seminar will take as its starting point the appeal of the injunction on Frank O’Hara’s tombstone to “live as variously as possible” for writers of the last seventy years. Variation enchants and... more

Literary Approaches to Financial Imperialism

Organizer: Kyle Wanberg

The thin veil of separation between finance and government has eroded to the point where there is no longer a need to formally distinguish between the intentions and interests of their... more

Feminist Repetitions/Repeating Feminisms

Organizer: Andrea Mendoza

The idea for this seminar begins with a line from Sara Ahmed’s Living a Feminist Life (Duke University Press, 2017): “The repetition is the scene of feminist instruction.” These words announce a... more

Bodies of Knowledge/Knowledge of Bodies

Organizer: Kate McCullough

One look at the front page of any newspaper reminds us that bodies, and their relationship to the State, have never been more at risk and at stake. What might ontological, phenomenological, or... more

Bad Readers

Organizer: Meghan Vicks

Vladimir Nabokov taught his students that naïve readers think they can “glean information about places and times from a novel,” and that the worst readers identify themselves with fictional... more

Forms of (Dis)Affection

Organizer: Maïté Marciano

In the field of affect theory, recent scholarship has begun to address what one might consider a blind spot: namely the absence, wavering, suppression, or suspension of affects and emotions.... more

Cultural Pluralism and Literary Innovation

Organizer: Donald Wehrs

This seminar proposes to explore various kinds of cultural pluralism (from ethnic diversity to religious ecumenicalism to heterogeneity through trade routes or colonialism) and their relation to... more

Poetry and Mass Collectivity

Organizer: Andrew Gorin

In Imagined Communities, Benedict Anderson describes how the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier broadens the reach of the public it configures precisely by evacuating its act of memorialization of specific... more

Island Stories

Organizer: Nicoletta Pireddu

Edenic getaways and utopian elsewheres, or dystopian spaces of exile and segregation; marginalized, exploited, self-referential appendages of nations, but also fertile spaces of multicultural... more

The American Campus Novel in the 21st Century

Organizer: Marta Lysik

The campus novel, an Anglo-American genre, having as its protagonists alternately students, teaching staff, and full professors, acts as a barometer measuring the state of the nation and education.... more

Literary Characters. Where to?

Organizer: Alberto Comparini (Freie Universität)

Literary Characters. Where to?   Since the early 2000s, there has been a new character turn within literary theory and comparative literary studies: from Woloch’sThe One vs. The... more