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Speculative Fiction and Work: Histories, Futures and Resilience

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Organizer: Zita Hüsing

Co-Organizer: Sagnika Chanda

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This panel traces the interconnected histories and futures of labor and their affected vulnerable populations as well as their resilience. In a post-pandemic era the definition of work has undergone a major changes with the constant threat of automation. These and other technologies are affecting the way we live and the way we perceive ourselves as precarious workers. Through the genre of science/speculative fiction, this panel will examine how, for many decades, vulnerable subjects, such as immigrants, minorities, and women, have been exploited for their labor to serve an extractive and capitalistic society. This also applies to the fossil fuel industries that have exploited sustainable and natural resources of minority communities forcing them to endure the labor of living a precarious life. The history of precarious labor precedes the recent pandemic and this panel invites abstracts for papers that explore the cultural past of precarious labor and the radical acts of resistance that stake a claim to a more just and sustainable future.

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