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Sponsored by the ICLA Committee on Translation: Everything Everywhere All at Once: Rethinking intersemiotic translation practices

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Organizer: Christi Merrill

Co-Organizer: Marlene Esplin

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Organized by: Christi Merrill,  Michelle Woods and Marlene Hansen Esplin

The idea for this panel grew out of a discussion at the 2023 Summer School for Advanced Research in Translation in San Pellegrino as faculty and students worked together to theorize acts of multilingual and/or intersemiotic translation as distinct from the neural networks of Artificial Intelligence. We began asking: How might we understand the distinct role of human artistry in these translation practices in ways that are empowering to translators and other human creators? Which parts of our traditions fall outside the data sets recognized by current algorithms? Can interlingual translation and/or intersemiotic translation practices help present new and newly-imagined notions of the human (unbound by white, patrilinear, heteronormative and ableist thought) in the posthuman and transhuman moment? We are particularly interested in learning more about the particularities of examples that challenge the status quo and encourage both alumni of the Summer School and others interested in being part of the conversation to apply.

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