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Organizer: Nwankwo Nwaezeigwe

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Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart is a novel of a distinctive masculine character called Okonkwo. From the novel’s prologue depicting an epic wrestling contest to its epilogue depicting the suicidal demise of its main character, every chapter defines the masculinity of Umuofia society in a form that defines the achievement instinct of the men with little space for its traditional feminism. In this context, Okonkwo stands out as an archetype of the people’s achievement instinct defined in masculinity and exhibiting the strong-man syndrome with instinctive arrogance which is only put under check within the praxis of the social control mechanism driven by institutionalized spiritualism. Yet underneath all his masculine presumptions defined in strength and courage lies Okonkwo’s. He has his feelings of power, anger, humor and nationalism under which lies an instinctive romantic character that defines his relationship with one of his three wives and occasionally bellies his hidden humorous character.  The present study explores the interplay between Okonkwo as the “strong-man of Umuofia” and his romantic instincts as a normal man with emotions of romantic love. It posits that not only are those men defined in the public spaces as strong men the most romantic of all men, but that the weakest point of these men lies within the link of their romantic chains.

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