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Unredeemable Worlds: Environmentalism Beyond Salvation

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Organizer: Antoine Traisnel

Co-Organizer: Vincent Bruyere

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Who could argue with the plea to “save the planet”? From efforts to safeguard planetary resources in biobanks against the existential threats posed by climate change or other extinction events to the almost science-fictional bid by conservation projects aimed at “resurrecting” extinct species, today our environmental imagination is often prompted by the sense that the natural world awaits salvation. What might we make of the righteous undertones of views that present nature as a sacred realm in need of preservation? What are the implications of this discursive framework for ecocriticism, literary theory, and curatorial practices? What critical resources and aesthetic traditions might we tap into to think beyond the binary ecological endgame of salvation and destruction? We invite submissions that explore profane or iconoclastic ecologies that look differently at the idea of a world on the brink, envisioning instead worlds that resist or reject the eschatological mandate of redemption and sketching the lineaments of an environmentalism beyond salvation.

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