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The World and Latin American Literature: Cosmopolitanisms, Planetarity, and Global Networks

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Organizer: Jose Carlos Diaz Zanelli

Co-Organizer: Marco Ramirez Rojas

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Latin American global narratives and cosmopolitan networks have a long and complex history. This issue has been at the heart of literary exchanges, political ventures, sociological and philosophical constructs, commercial endeavors, and other cosmopolitan projects. Dating back to the first texts produced by early European colonizers and all the way to our days, the literary works produced in Latin America bear testimony to the complex processes of intercultural exchanges, transnational dialogues, and global discourses that have taken place in the continent. Similarly, the circulation of Latin American letters around the world has brought Latin American letters to the fore of the world literary market. This was the case, for instance, of the global phenomenon of the "Boom" and the Magical Realism aesthetics. In the last decades, neoliberal globalization, changes in the process of late-industrialization, the circulation of peoples and knowledges, as well as hyper-connectivity have come to dramatically modify the ways in which Latin American writers are viewed and position themselves as participants in the cultural, political, economic, and even ecologic cartographies. Framed within this panorama, this seminar proposes to explore the following lines of inquiry: 

-Global networks of circulation and literary markets
-Theorization from/about Latin American literature
-South-South dialogues
-Latin America-Asia-Africa connections
-Dialogues between European and Latin American theories
-Cosmopolitan desires/anxieties/fears/empathies

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