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Please select a seminar for which you would like to propose a paper. Current ACLA guidelines specify that each ACLA member may submit only ONE PAPER for consideration. Abstracts must be received by Monday, September 23, 2019 at 9 a.m. EST.

The Knowledge of Art

Organizer: Robert Lehman

Do works of art—works of architecture, painting, literature, and so on—provide a distinctive way of knowing the world? Do they shed a kind of light on human practices that works of philosophy or... more

Russia and Japan: Beyond West and East

Organizer: Olga Solovieva

This interdisciplinary seminar invites scholars of Japan and Russia to address the topic of Russo-Japanese cultural relations as a challenge to traditional binary views on the exchange of knowledge... more

Widening the Narrows: Straits and the Oceanic Turn

Organizer: Maxwell Uphaus

Over the last decade, the “oceanic turn” has moved oceanic space from the margin to the center of literary scholarship. However, this new ocean-centric scholarship has tended to blur the diversity of... more

Realism as Theory I: Form and Phenomenon

Organizer: Erica Weitzman

This seminar — the companion seminar to “Realism as Theory II: Existence and Epistemology” — concentrates on how realism’s formal structures both reflect upon themselves and create modes in which “... more

Depression: Aesthetics and Politics

Organizer: Jean-Thomas Tremblay

The World Health Organization estimates that more than 300 million people suffer from depression, the leading cause of disability worldwide. Where some researchers in the medical field see an... more

Gentrification in Contemporary Fiction

Organizer: James Peacock

The organisers - James Peacock, Nick Bentley and Ceri Morgan -  invite abstracts for a seminar on representations of gentrification in contemporary fiction from around the world, with “... more