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Life in Ruins: Inhabiting Empire’s Sacrifice Zones

Organizer: Hannah Cole

Empire, as Ann Stoler suggests (2021), does not easily recede in the folds of a bygone era. The imperial formations it leaves in its wake, instead, point to “processes of ongoing ruination [. . .]... more

Computational Canon

Organizer: Mark DiMauro

One would be hard-pressed to find a more explosively controversial subject within literary scholarship than the invocation of the Western Literary Canon, no matter the context. A single mention of... more

Transnational Arabic Studies

Organizer: yasser elhariry

What do the words Arab and Arabic mean today? What have they meant historically? What continuities and ruptures do they signify in contemporary discourses of the Middle East? In a world where... more

Unfinished : The Theory and Praxis of Incompletion

Organizer: Madeleine Reddon

This seminar examines theories of “unfinishedness” that pose the question of incompletion as a critical aspect of literary praxis as well as an interpretive gesture. In doing so, we seek to... more

Slavic "Others": Inhuman, Nonhuman, Posthuman

Organizer: Drago Momcilovic

The “other” is a central conceit in both canonical and contemporary Slavic & East European literature and the arts. Archetypal characters like Tchaikovsky’s swans, Čapek’s robots, Tokarczuk’s... more

Franchise Cultures

Organizer: Benjamin Robertson

The term “franchise” has long refered to a production model that develops a consistent storyworld in order to leverage this world indefinitely as intellectual property. The James Bond films provide... more

Episodes from the Morphological History of the Novel

Organizer: Nicholas Paige

Papers sought for a seminar on formal change in the novel, from whatever period. Diachronic narratology, the history of the book, and Digital Humanities have been slowly modifying our understanding... more

Weird Dreams, Weird Analysis

Organizer: Garrett Laroy Johnson

We’ve been having weird dreams. We became plants, and our viscera swallowed our legs before pushing them out our torsos and we walked across the sky. We sprouted wings and reunited with a family... more

BL: Queer Vernaculars in World Literature

Organizer: Cheng-Chai Chiang

This seminar proposes a collaborative theorization of Boys Love (BL), a transnational Asian media phenomenon conventionally associated with adolescent heterosexual female fan subcultures who create,... more

Violence and Affects in Latin America

Organizer: Alicia Rios

During the 1990s, feminist, gender, sexualities, queer and trans cultural studies have been theorizing affects as a way out of the believed impasse generated by post-modern psychoanalytic and... more

Cosmopolitics and Cosmopoetics

Organizer: Gabriel Trop

Recent responses to the intensifying urgency of political, economic, cultural, and existential crises have turned to cosmological thinking as an experimental site in which to initiate a wholesale... more